Thursday, December 17, 2009

Electrolux Ultrasilencer

Think of a commodity that all or nearly all have in our house and we all hate, for example, vacuuming, now how do I improve? Some would say it could be improved by making it quieter or easier to carry from place to place, never mind, Electrolux has been who has hit the jackpot and has created the masterpiece of the aspirations of our time.

It is a vacuum based on their range Ultrasilencer, a vacuum cleaner that claims to be very quiet, much as it emits only 68dB, quite small compared with that monster in my house. But ... a vacuum that is only "silent", why not give it more uses? Not very well at Electrolux who came up with the idea, but a prize for him or her because you have added a pair of speakers and an iPod dock.

According to Electrolux is not just "add an iPod to an appliance, if not it is a way to improve the ordeal of vacuuming, thanks to music.

It may seem stupid, hell, it seems pretty stupid, but do you ever work with or without music? Is not it better keep pace thanks to the music you like? That is where the iPod, the world's best selling player is added to a vacuum and no longer get an odious apparatus, if not an interesting music cleaning system including.

The idea is good, may even be true that music is better cleaned, but no, vacuuming the rhythm of The Rolling Stones seems almost sin.


Monday, December 14, 2009

VIA VN1000 Processor Supports Blu-ray

VIA is trying to make a hole in the world of processors, where Intel crushes the other competitors and where AMD makes genuine efforts to stay where it is due to "technical" from Intel. But there are more companies creating processors, the other best known companies are Qualcomm and VIA. The latter is the one who has launched a new chipset, the VN1000.

This chipset is developed for use in computers are not powerful, like all in one and low-end PCs. But hardware supports all kinds, DDR3 memory, up to four SATA II hard drives, five PCI, 12 USB 2.0 and so is able to support playback of Blu-Ray and DirectX 10.1, which puts him in a position perfect for manufacturers of cheap computers.

If you can find a computer with a processor you Lucky?, Because they are not very common. HP experimented with processors in one of its first netbook, but the play did not fare very well, quickly switched to AMD by an agreement the two companies.

The use of these processors is always a reason, are relatively cheap and consume little power, not because they are mobile processors or MID, but have a chance now, although in January arrive Pine Trail Intel and rob them the leading role.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Motorola Droid (Milestone) Loses its Aggressiveness in European Advertising

While Motorola introduced the Droid in the U.S. in a blockbuster ad and other anti-iPhone in Europe has softened his tone to the point that costs to distinguish from any other mobile ad. A published less flashy but more reasonable, and a name change is going to play: Milestone Droid instead of aggressive. At least in the publication are concerned that something that is capable device. The announcement, after the jump.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Device Will Enter Human Mind in Less Than a Decade

With the introduction of electrodes into the skull of patients, researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, have created a method that can write words using only his brain waves. The experiments were performed in patients who already have electrodes in the brain to monitor his epilepsy. More details after the jump.

The readings were taken with electrocorticography (ECoG), while patients were shown a series of letters or numbers and data are recorded. Once the calibration data taken, the patients believed in a letter or number and your brain waves are "transferred" to the screen. The theory is that this technique will allow paralyzed people to communicate or Lou Gehrig's disease, among others.

The scientist leading the project, Dr. Jerry Shih, says the program is capable of reaching almost 100% fidelity. Although, apparently, the results are far less invasive methods, Shih believes that ECoG has advantages because the skull and the scalp distort the information coming from the brain, so that the new system could be faster and adjusted. Shih also said that with EEG, "accuracy is not very big and takes a long time to learn the computer system of an individual individual signals and interpret them correctly.

The research is still in its infancy and has to overcome numerous obstacles. The initial study was conducted with only two patients, but have already reached six to plan a larger study to ensure that the technique is universally applicable. That yes, Shih system requires a craniotomy, a very delicate operation, and a device that interprets, properly calibrated for each individual.

EEG-based interfaces, on the other hand, although slower and less accurate, do not require such an operation. Thus, at least in terms of market adoption, the implant is a distinct disadvantage. Most people will prefer a loss of speed in exchange for avoiding a dangerous process.

For the moment, Shih is working to ensure the effectiveness of the method. Believes could serve to control prosthesis well as for writing. It also could be prepared with pictures instead of letters. Imagine an object and its image or name appear on the screen.

The device could be ready in about 5 or 10 years.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ubisoft Will Release 10 Games for Xmas and 5 for the Sony Motion Control

There is still too long to determine if the magic wand of the PS3 or Microsoft's Xmas really be worth the penalty or be a technology that we have to forget how painful was the experience.

What we do know is that people now Ubisoft is already planning to launch some games for these projects in two of the most important as far as the game is concerned.

Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft CEO, revealed that around, your company will release 10 games for Xmas in the first 6 months of release and 4 or 5 games for Sony's motion control in the same period of time.

Interesting that companies are already worrying about throwing games for the next generation of consoles that we see in the not too distant future (or at least I hope).


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sony ICF-CL75iP

Sony has products for all types of people, than you can imagine, including those products that you can not imagine that they manufacture, I would say is that Sony ICF-CL75iP. It's a digital photo frame, clock, alarm clock, alarm, FM radio, memory player and iPod player into a single device.

The basics you can expect from this device is that you at least an hour and wake you up in the morning, of course the time if you give it, with a 7-inch screen you can set the time to see full screen in the middle of the screen next to a picture or in a corner while in the background you can see images. It's actually a digital photo frame on steroids, has no internal memory but it feeds on any USB memory stick or directly from memory cards, which always have at hand.

This alarm clock has an interface that is certainly not a PlayStation 3, but this all clearly, with large icons where you can see it is each section. Configuration is very simple, you select the language, you're going to alarms and can configure two. It has two side buttons for each alarm that lets you change the time of each alarm independently of the programming. Wake up in a curious way they call the "wake-up fun," Clearly, if there were some funny stop dreaming of Megan Fox to crawl to work, understand it, I would call it "less boring alarm clock," "the machine ... "Monday.

This fun clock mode allows you to schedule three different alarm clocks which you can configure three things: a sound, a voice memo and picture. Can you imagine, you have a photo of your family and a song that you like or message from someone to wake up ... good idea?

But although he is presented as a digital photo frame and alarm clock, the most important use I find the ability to play music directly from my iPod or a hard disk. It has a USB port on the back so you can connect a hard disk or flash drive or your DVD player if you have included the USB port. But the iPod is better thought out. It has a small bay that is removed from the back and where you can connect an iPod or iPhone, manage it from the front keypad of the Sony ICF-CL75iP.

Sony presents it as a place where having photos, videos, music and alarm clock functions into a single device, but if we take a look at the price we see that it costs € 190. There is no excuse, is a product too expensive for what it does, the quality of the speakers is not bad, but the volume is very low for audio equipment for your player.

Not counting the big problem that we are the first time we see why so many buttons? "Another problem that we have to button to stop sounding the alarm? If you are someone who does not read the manuals you will find much of a problem, so what is the button right? Sony has created a monster with so many buttons and was able, also not a good audio equipment, but that if, reproduces the images you'll quickly.

* 7-inch screen with 800 × 480 pixels.
* Radio AM / FM.
* IPod and iPhone playback.
* Slot for memory cards.
* USB port for connecting hard drives or players.
* Compatible with MP4, and AVI Motion JPEG video.
* Two adjustable alarm 2, 5 or 7 days.
* Four levels of brightness.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Premium Content at Wii for Japan

Japan always gets the news from Nintendo, we understand, the land strip more than other countries but when it looked as if Wii was not more than if there were no new games or exciting new developments that could result without changing the console is the new payment service in Japan.

It is a service that is not new in Japan, since May has been offered for free to its users, where they can access streaming video. This service has grown a lot, until September were an estimated 800,000 users who accessed only in Japan.

Now go to a pay, but without forgetting the free version, specifically the version that will have to pay for access will have more exclusive content.

The free service is maintained and by 2010 will expand, because Nintendo promised that by 2010 will come from international form. Is it competitive with other consoles? Well, the Wii was never competition with Xbox and PlayStation, is not that contempt, by contrast, Wii is a very different game console Xbox and PS3, is focused on a group of users very different from our other current consoles .

But when the Xbox and PS3 are already offering video stores, music, video clips, social networking ... and you can only play Wii, you notice that something is missing. The new content will come in the form of payment will cost 10 yen and 1000 Yen.


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