Monday, December 14, 2009

VIA VN1000 Processor Supports Blu-ray

VIA is trying to make a hole in the world of processors, where Intel crushes the other competitors and where AMD makes genuine efforts to stay where it is due to "technical" from Intel. But there are more companies creating processors, the other best known companies are Qualcomm and VIA. The latter is the one who has launched a new chipset, the VN1000.

This chipset is developed for use in computers are not powerful, like all in one and low-end PCs. But hardware supports all kinds, DDR3 memory, up to four SATA II hard drives, five PCI, 12 USB 2.0 and so is able to support playback of Blu-Ray and DirectX 10.1, which puts him in a position perfect for manufacturers of cheap computers.

If you can find a computer with a processor you Lucky?, Because they are not very common. HP experimented with processors in one of its first netbook, but the play did not fare very well, quickly switched to AMD by an agreement the two companies.

The use of these processors is always a reason, are relatively cheap and consume little power, not because they are mobile processors or MID, but have a chance now, although in January arrive Pine Trail Intel and rob them the leading role.


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