Thursday, December 17, 2009

Electrolux Ultrasilencer

Think of a commodity that all or nearly all have in our house and we all hate, for example, vacuuming, now how do I improve? Some would say it could be improved by making it quieter or easier to carry from place to place, never mind, Electrolux has been who has hit the jackpot and has created the masterpiece of the aspirations of our time.

It is a vacuum based on their range Ultrasilencer, a vacuum cleaner that claims to be very quiet, much as it emits only 68dB, quite small compared with that monster in my house. But ... a vacuum that is only "silent", why not give it more uses? Not very well at Electrolux who came up with the idea, but a prize for him or her because you have added a pair of speakers and an iPod dock.

According to Electrolux is not just "add an iPod to an appliance, if not it is a way to improve the ordeal of vacuuming, thanks to music.

It may seem stupid, hell, it seems pretty stupid, but do you ever work with or without music? Is not it better keep pace thanks to the music you like? That is where the iPod, the world's best selling player is added to a vacuum and no longer get an odious apparatus, if not an interesting music cleaning system including.

The idea is good, may even be true that music is better cleaned, but no, vacuuming the rhythm of The Rolling Stones seems almost sin.


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