Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sony ICF-CL75iP

Sony has products for all types of people, than you can imagine, including those products that you can not imagine that they manufacture, I would say is that Sony ICF-CL75iP. It's a digital photo frame, clock, alarm clock, alarm, FM radio, memory player and iPod player into a single device.

The basics you can expect from this device is that you at least an hour and wake you up in the morning, of course the time if you give it, with a 7-inch screen you can set the time to see full screen in the middle of the screen next to a picture or in a corner while in the background you can see images. It's actually a digital photo frame on steroids, has no internal memory but it feeds on any USB memory stick or directly from memory cards, which always have at hand.

This alarm clock has an interface that is certainly not a PlayStation 3, but this all clearly, with large icons where you can see it is each section. Configuration is very simple, you select the language, you're going to alarms and can configure two. It has two side buttons for each alarm that lets you change the time of each alarm independently of the programming. Wake up in a curious way they call the "wake-up fun," Clearly, if there were some funny stop dreaming of Megan Fox to crawl to work, understand it, I would call it "less boring alarm clock," "the machine ... "Monday.

This fun clock mode allows you to schedule three different alarm clocks which you can configure three things: a sound, a voice memo and picture. Can you imagine, you have a photo of your family and a song that you like or message from someone to wake up ... good idea?

But although he is presented as a digital photo frame and alarm clock, the most important use I find the ability to play music directly from my iPod or a hard disk. It has a USB port on the back so you can connect a hard disk or flash drive or your DVD player if you have included the USB port. But the iPod is better thought out. It has a small bay that is removed from the back and where you can connect an iPod or iPhone, manage it from the front keypad of the Sony ICF-CL75iP.

Sony presents it as a place where having photos, videos, music and alarm clock functions into a single device, but if we take a look at the price we see that it costs € 190. There is no excuse, is a product too expensive for what it does, the quality of the speakers is not bad, but the volume is very low for audio equipment for your player.

Not counting the big problem that we are the first time we see why so many buttons? "Another problem that we have to button to stop sounding the alarm? If you are someone who does not read the manuals you will find much of a problem, so what is the button right? Sony has created a monster with so many buttons and was able, also not a good audio equipment, but that if, reproduces the images you'll quickly.

* 7-inch screen with 800 × 480 pixels.
* Radio AM / FM.
* IPod and iPhone playback.
* Slot for memory cards.
* USB port for connecting hard drives or players.
* Compatible with MP4, and AVI Motion JPEG video.
* Two adjustable alarm 2, 5 or 7 days.
* Four levels of brightness.


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