Thursday, November 26, 2009

Premium Content at Wii for Japan

Japan always gets the news from Nintendo, we understand, the land strip more than other countries but when it looked as if Wii was not more than if there were no new games or exciting new developments that could result without changing the console is the new payment service in Japan.

It is a service that is not new in Japan, since May has been offered for free to its users, where they can access streaming video. This service has grown a lot, until September were an estimated 800,000 users who accessed only in Japan.

Now go to a pay, but without forgetting the free version, specifically the version that will have to pay for access will have more exclusive content.

The free service is maintained and by 2010 will expand, because Nintendo promised that by 2010 will come from international form. Is it competitive with other consoles? Well, the Wii was never competition with Xbox and PlayStation, is not that contempt, by contrast, Wii is a very different game console Xbox and PS3, is focused on a group of users very different from our other current consoles .

But when the Xbox and PS3 are already offering video stores, music, video clips, social networking ... and you can only play Wii, you notice that something is missing. The new content will come in the form of payment will cost 10 yen and 1000 Yen.


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