Monday, November 9, 2009

Panasonic Launches DVD Recorder Compatible with AVCHD

I have internet for about 8 years and went through a few formats for storage until a few months ago I realized that since I bought the MacBook had used the CD player 3 times and the USB port for my flash drive countless times. By this I mean that I am a person who believes that the CD, DVD or whatever disk, and is practically zero. But I know that not everyone thinks like me, I will introduce this portable disc recorder also supports AVCHD.

AVCHD technology lets you record your videos directly from the camera via the USB 2.0 port. It also lets you convert your videos in HD quality common.

The maximum speed recorded this Panasonic, which measures 139 × 138.8 × 18mm and weighs 395g, is a 8x DVD ± R, 4x for DVD ± R DL, 6x DVD-RW and DVD-RAM 3x.

The company will begin selling in Japan since December 25 (in my opinion would not hurt to sell before Christmas) and $ 290.


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