Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Intel Reader

Intel has created an electronic book reader, yes, but not exactly what you're thinking, there is an e-book reader, unless it is literally a book reader. Intel Reader is a project developed for blind people, this is a system designed in all its functions to control it is simple and able to read any book you have at hand.

The idea is very good, this is a device that includes a camera and a small computer with OCR software, able to recognize words from a photograph. The operation is simple with the Intel Reader is a picture of two pages of an open book reader software that processes the picture immediately recognize the words and processing them with a voice synthesizer to "read it to somebody."

The reader has a screen that shows the words that you say, controlling with a few simple controls the volume, size of text displayed on the screen until the reading speed.

Intel said the idea of this product came from Ben Foss, one of its engineers who is dyslexic and has trouble reading, having to ask people who read parts of books for him. To this reader gets not only blind, if anyone with a vision problem is capable of reading a book.

The device itself is a small computer with a camera, but also come as no surprise that Intel, is managed by an Intel Atom.


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