Friday, November 20, 2009

HiFi System Sony Muteki, Compatible with iPod

I never knew there were still companies risk creating HiFi audio equipment, such as those sold in the '90s, large appliances with high power quality and alleged that occupied an entire shelf. But Sony is one of those companies that HiFi audio ne invests question whatever. One example is the Sony stereo Muteki (MHC-GZR33i).

This is a HiFi for the music lover who still has a lot of his discography on CD. He has three CD decks, with a 7-inch touch screen to control the system, two speakers 182W each and a total power of 360W, but also includes what the latest systems have audio, USB port for connecting any player or memory / hard drive and a dock on the top to connect any iPod.

A very complete team, that no one doubts it, but that if it costs $ 499.99. Includes one of those typical Sony remote controls, with hundreds of buttons, complicated and ultimately end up using only two buttons.


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