Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Are you wearing a wrist watch? What for? I guess you can easily find what time is it on display of a mobile phone, desktop or onboard dial in a car. Wrist watches nowadays are very much of an accessory rather than a necessity, simple as that. But, "let's just add some more functionality to them since they have an advantage of tight contact with human body" Michael Mathis and Gerda Hopfgartner thought and came up with the StressWatch – a watch that shows real time status of your stress.

StressWatch, I'm afraid won't show you time, but who cares if your opponent can see you rage growing while trying to bicker with you. Black graphs on StressWatche's face are stress meters and the colorful background works like a visualizer of current stress state. Green and blue themes say the watch owner is relaxed, dwells in a nice mood and can even possibly fall asleep every moment, while red and orange telltale blush should draw attention of all security guards available to prevent an assault.

StressWatch has a smart sensor on the strap that reads heart rate and body temperature.

I"m thinking now, this could work as perfect excuse to be abrupt and even honest maybe. "Don't ask me now about your tasteless vulgar outfit – I'm stressed out, see?!" Oh yes, you should get away with it if your StressWatch is all bloodshot. Seriously though, it can be a great indicator to know that you are better off taking a taxi rather than driving through crowded city center. Or StressWatch can easily give out lies. Be careful.


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