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Olympus mju 7000, Stylus Version

One more Olympus mju series is presented with a major increase in resolution 12-megapixel. But starting this series Stylus 7000, Olympus deliberately preparing technologies which now increasingly popular in support of high-definition (HD) entertainment such as LCD TV and Blu-ray. Therefore, the mju 7000 offers a choice 1920x1080 pixel image resolution that is more fitting seen on the LCD display Full-HD TV and will be slightly cut off if you insist on showing it on the monitor does not support.

Mju 7000 shape as the stylus series is interesting with a thickness of only 2.5 cm and weighs 146 grams. This thick is not including the extension of the lens with 7x optical zoom. 3 " screen which is provided is also very wide and display clear image even in daylight conditions. This screen can display the image on the screen ratio of 4:3 (normal) and 16:9 (wide).

Olympus is also kind enough to put the internal memory even though only 16MB. If not satisfied, please use the xD card or a microSD which can be used via MASD-1 adapter, it is included. Using microSD cards clearly faster than the xD, as if the technology is not developed.

Although only have minimal manual settings, you do not have to worry if you want to take pictures quickly because mju 7000 is built smart with a variety of multi instant features. Variety of features, ranging from ISO and automatic exposure to technology that prevents Dual IS blur, are available.

Try and use the Intelligent Auto mode that can distinguish systems portrait photograph, landscape, sports, and macro (close range) completely automatic. Here, I give two thumbs to the advantages of mju 7000.

If you want to be a little bit creative, you can try 15 programmed schemes including smile detection capabilities (Smile Shoot) and face detection which is famous. In this case, face detection can be moved following the movement of people who recorded the face of the screen.

Camera viewfinder ability is very good both in dark and bright conditions. Unfortunately, the internal flash power limited approximately 2 to 3 meters. This is a typical disadvantage of pocket camera models.

One other mju 7000 drawback is the shutter speed gap problem, where shooting gap from one image to another image takes about 2 seconds. This is due to the use xD memory which notoriously slow to write data. Therefore, it is better to use microSD memory because faster in writing data.

But what is offered by Olympus mju 7000 is very interesting. Excellence in a stylish designs but strong impression (plus a series of photographs features fairly complete and easy to use) the best thing can be seen. Visual HD support, though not the primary, is also a great advantage. If you are looking for a sweet and smart cameras and compatible to other HD devices might be interested in this one.


Pixel resolution: 12 megapixels CCD
Resolution photos (min / max): 640x480 / 3968x2976
Video resolution (min / max): 320x240 / 640x480 @ 15/30fps
Recording media: Internal 16 MB, microSD Card, and xD Picture Card
File format (image / video / audio): JPG/AVI/-
Size-35mm lens equivalent: 37 - 260mm
Setting aperture: F3.5 - F5.3
ISO Equivalent: 50-1600
Zoom: 7x optical, 5x digital
Shutter speed (s): 4 - 1 / 2000
The best closest focus (macro): 2cm
Viewfinder: No
Diagonal LCD: 3 inch
Computer Connection: USB
Type of battery / rechargeable Li-Ion 740 mAh / yes
Battery Charger: There
Dimension : 9.6 x5, 6x2, 5 cm
Weight (grams): 146 grams
Warranty: 1 year
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