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SSD A-Data S592 32GB

Since the beginning of the introduction, SSD (solid state disk) has been proclaimed to be exchange of harddisk, especially on notebook. SSD is considered superior to the harddisk due to absence of rotating parts, no noise at work (because there is no rotating parts), light, and also saving power. Initially, SSD is sold to the OEM (original equipment manufacture). But now you can also buy it in retail, including A-Data brand.

A-Data name the internal SSD S592. The capacity unit we tested is 32GB - the smallest in this series. Once formatted as NTFS, free capacity that can be used became 29.81 GB.

Besides 32GB version, S592 is available in three capacity options: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. The higher capacity, the more expensive, which is not necessarily proportional.

Internal consumption
A-Data intends S592 as internal storage for notebooks, netbooks, and PC. Therefore, S592 physical is simple. Rectangular body which is colored black with a red label dominates the upper body. On this label's identity revealed S592.

Each of two screw holes appeared on either side of the body, strengthen S592 designation as internal storage. However, A-Data screws are not fastened together, which are easily obtained. In the package there were only pieces of quick installation guide in English.

Perhaps because of the nature of the internal, A-Data did not provide the LED indicator on its SSD.

Like all SSD, A-Data S592 uses SATA II 3GB/ s interface. On one side of the body comes lined with SATA connectors’ power connector. Both cable connector - SATA and Power 15 +7 pin - should you prepare yourself for the A-Data did not include it.

According to A-Data, with the use of the new controller design and technological breakthroughs SSD, it could boost data speeds up to read and write 40% to 60% when compared with ordinary SSD. Because A-Data uses a special mobile SDRAM to achieve sustained read rate of 230MB / s and write rate to 170MB / s. Act as a mobile SDRAM cache buffer that stores frequently used data for the system does not need to go back and forth to take the same data from main storage.

Approaching Speed Claim
Is the claim right? Several benchmarks were used to prove A-Data claims. HD Tach, in the short or long sessions bench, it gives results almost approaching A-Data claims, the average speed of 229.4 MB read / write s and 116.6 MB / s.

Meanwhile, the manual test revealed 52.26 MB write speed and read speed of 38.79 MB / s. Write speed is faster than similar SSD Silicon Power with twice the capacity that are tested at the same time.

PLUS: Shock resistant; not noisy; low power consumption; light
MINUS: small capacity.

Manual Test *
Write 52.25 MB / s
Read 38.79 MB / s
Erase 75.99 MB / s
* File size 5.55 GB test, consisting of 485 JPG and MOV files are spread over 19 folder on assembly PC (Intel Pentium 3 2.2 GHz, 2GB RAM, Windows XP SP2). Tests carried out three times and the results are averaged.

Interface: SATA II
Capacity: 32GB
Buffer: SDRAM
Type of flash: MLC NAND
Features: Built-in ECC and wear leveling
Resilience: not mentioned
Vibration: not mentioned
Shock: not mentioned
Fittings: --
Dimension: 9.9 x7x0, 6 cm
Weight: 52 grams
Warranty: 2 years
Vendor site:


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