Friday, August 21, 2009

HTC Snap, Challenge BlackBerry with Windows

Snap is unique compared to other newest HTC handset that has been launched since last 2008. Snap becomes an “oasis” for them who expect cheaper prices among Touch series. Although its price is cheap, but not the technology it is used.

Snap uses QWERTY keyboard as its input, combined with slim handset, rounded edge, and light weight. Snap works using Windows Mobile 6.1 with no touched-screen technology. Though, it is still smart phone.

Snap can be connected to Microsoft Exchange server, so it can use a service that looks like push e-mail. Moreover, synchronization can be done through computer for e-mail, contact, calendar, and other files. Snap is also equipped with 2MP camera.

HTC has added some interesting features. One of them is Inner Circle button. This button is used to access e-mail.

This phone is able to be used in 3G HSPA connection. It makes this phone able to access internet faster.

There are some notes for this phone. First, it is hard to open battery cover that also becomes back cover for Snap. It needs little bit extra power on finger tip to open it. Second, when inserting SIM card you need to release the battery. While the slot is positioned over the battery, but still must release the battery because there is some kind of pin locking the SIM card hidden next to the battery.

Standard battery, 1,500 mAh, can be used for eight and half hour talking. Stand by time almost three days.


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