Thursday, August 27, 2009

Samsung P3, iPod Foe

Samsung music player with touch screen is the successor of P2 series. Although the design is thinner than its predecessor, this P3 series looks solid and trim. Using 3-inch screen with various features, Samsung offers P3 with a price not too expensive. In comparison, the price is equivalent to the iPod Nano.

However, not many differences are made by Samsung in this series. There is no button on the front, all dominated by the touch screen. The on / off / lock and the volume is located at the top, lined with a small speaker. As for the bottom there is a port for headsets or portable speakers and a USB connector.

This series also has an interesting display menu and full of color. On the main menu there is a row of icons for accessing video, music, pictures, text, FM radio, voice recorder, file browser, bluetooth, and settings. Slide your finger, then the next row of the menu will appear, such as dictionaries, games, datacast, calculator, alarm, and address book.

This display menu can also be customized by going into the hidden menu at the bottom row of the screen. Tap here; it would appear the option to customize the menu. If you want to return to the main menu, tap on the top of the screen.

The uniqueness of P3 interface lies in the widgets that can be changed or removable. Users also can choose the pictures that are stored to be displayed at the corner of the screen slideshow at the bottom row of the menu. Another form of widgets, such as a cup of cappuccino or clock timer, is also available as an option.

P3 touch screen supports three main functions, namely tap, drag, and swipe. In general, there is no difficulty to operate this screen. However, you should not be too rude to the screen if you do not want the device become less- touch-respond to your fingers.

Features are not too disappointing. There are music player, video, and photo viewer supports various standard formats, including OGG, FLAC, WMV9 and Amazon Unbox, as well as AVI and H.264 for video.

Bluetooth feature which has double functions. Not only as sending files to another device, bluetooth in P3 can also connect with other devices. For example speakers or phone so that P3 can function as a headset like a telephone receiver.

DNSe technology from Samsung gives user choices of sound effects when playing music, from jazz, rock, classic, and others. The result of sound quality is also very good and clear, although the effect is less bass and small speaker do not produce loud sound.

You can also save and read the text through P3. But now only TXT format supports this function. Other unique features are the dictionary, subway map, flash player support, and datacast. Unfortunately, the dictionary only supports Korean- English dictionary language.

One of the most interesting features is datacast, which functions like RSS reader. However, the only shortcoming of this device is the lack of support for Internet connection, such as Wi-Fi. So to enable datacast feature, you must go to and make arrangements RSS there.

In conclusion, Samsung music player this latest series can not be compared with the iPod music player line anyone. However, P3 has its own advantages, especially a very nice interface. The main disadvantages of course there are no internet connection and podcast support.

Type: Portable Media Player
Capacity: 8 gigabytes
Screen: 3 inch TFT LCD (480 x 272 pixels)
File Format: MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, AAC, FLAC, JPEG, Bitmap, PNG, SWF, WMV, H.264, MPEG
Interface: USB
Dimensions: 102 x 52.7 x 9.9 mm
Others: Bluetooth, Haptic (Vibration) Feedback, Widget, equalizer, FM radio


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