Monday, November 16, 2009

OpenOffice Mouse, 18 buttons!

When you hear a mouse has 5 or 6 buttons, you assume that is used for play. Of course the players are not the only ones who like macros and assign functions to the extra buttons on your mouse. The tedious tasks of the office can be made faster with these tools. That's why the mouse was born of OpenOffice.

Honestly, this thing looks like an ugly low-tech mouse out of the mid-90s. But as they say, the functionality rather than the look. The mouse has 18 programmable buttons and joystick. Apparently 18 buttons was the maximum number available. Sure, it's ugly, but if you put as many functions as possible on the buttons on your mouse, then this $ 75 gadget is going to be your way. Even has an onboard memory of 512 k and you can take the links between your buttons wherever you go.


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