Thursday, October 15, 2009

LG Chocolate BL20 Slider

LG Chocolate BL40 has been launched in early September. And now, right this Monday, 28 they have announced new Chocolate series BL20 slider. Is it much like Palm with its Pre and less well equipped Pixi sitting in the pipeline. Only that since Pre has gone cheaper, prices are on the different level. I've brought Palm example because it's the freshest of the case, all manufacturers do the same at some degree. Since LG Chocolate BL20 is not that much of a pump like Pixi, we'll just have a short specs walkthrough. Release of the BL20 is going to happen in Q4 in UK at O2.

Again much like Pixi, Chocolate BL20 lacks Wi-Fi and even 3G. for decent browsing Chocolate slider’s owner will have to find good EDGE signal and take his time. So, the specs: LG Chocolate BL20 stores its widgets on a 2.4 inch 240 x 320 QVGA TFT display, 262K colors. Camera is fairly nice, has Clear Memo Capture feature for better image of handwritten text, graphs or other stuff printed on paper, 5MP, autofocus and flash. I don’t need to indicate this every time anymore, do I? This is average. 900mAh Li-Ion battery provides 450 hours of standby and five hours of talk time. That should be enough since you won’t be browsing the Web too much on it. Internal memory has 60MB as standard and is expandable up to 16GB via microSD slot.


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