Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Explicit content from Vivid Entertainment soon on PlayStation Network

I could hardly ever imagine it will come to this, but offering PlayStation 3 users explicit content sounds like a good marketing idea… for only one part of the agreement. Anyway, here is what we know about the situation.

Stephen Hirsch from Vivid Entertainment company, which of course is notorious for shooting as much adult movies since mid eighties as no one in the business, has offered their products for worldwide availability via PlayStation Network. Talking through his point, Stephen Hirsch mentioned how many of its single users PS 3 will now be able to satisfy. Better wet, PlayStation Network will benefit a lot, considering all the potential extra profit. However, potential extra profit may come with a fair bit of aggressive approach from the press, fanboy clubs, parents, etc. No word in response from PS 3 officials yet.


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